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Lesson Information

Lessons Areas (Beginner to Advanced)

  • Argpeggios
  • CAGED Theory
  • Changing Chords Technique
  • Chords: Grades 1-8
  • Chords: Harmonized Chords Min Major Roots On E & A String
  • Chords: Open First, Pivot Chords, Barre Chords
  • Chords: Triad shapes, Inversions
  • Chords: Power Chord Song Choice
  • Ear training: workout song melody chords by ear
  • Equipment function: Guitars, Amps, Pedals
  • Decorative tools techniques for scales (Jam)
  • Famous Player: Style Ryhthm parts, Licks or solo
  • Finger Picking Technique
  • Improvisation: Techniques, Scales, Licks, Scale Sequences,
  • Intervals: Mapping Root notes &scales
  • Picked Song Choice
  • Reading Tab, Standard Notation
  • Rhythm Guitar Notation
  • Riff Choice
  • Root Note Mapping
  • Scales: Grades 1-8, Blues, Dorian, Harmonic, Mixolydian
  • Scales: Chromatic, Major, Minor, Pentatonic, House Of blues
  • Scale: Segment one analysis Hybrid
  • Scales: when to use
  • Spiders: (SHRED Spiders up the neck)
  • Solo Choice
  • Song or Artist Choice
  • Strum Choice -Strum popular list
  • Strum Patterns Technique
  • Technical Audit: All Techniques: Acoustic/ Electric
  • Techniques: Dead notes, Grace Notes Dampening, Muting
  • Techniques: Slide, Double Stop, Alternate Pick
  • Techniques: Strumming, Finger Picking,
  • Techniques: Vibrato, Ham, Pull offs, Bends,
  • Theory: Circle Of fifths
  • Theory: Harmony Secondary Dominants
  • Theory: Rhythm
  • Theory: Scales
  • Tunes Choice: Single Notes Tab reading
  • Work Outs & Exercises: Creating a practice schedule and rotating items

Instruments and Styles Offered

  • Acoustic Guitar (Pop, Blues, Funk, Rock, Folk, Fingerstyle)
  • Electric Guitar (Pop, Blues, Rock, Heavy Metal)

*From September 2024 I No longer take on Bass Guitar Students as I have chosen to focus my teaching and lesson preperation on guitar. Also from September 2024 I no longer offer classical or jazz guitar lessons as have chosen to specialise on Pop, Folk, Blues, Funk, Rock, Fingerstyle & Heavy Metal styles.


Age Range 12 upwards:


After over 20 years of 1-1 Guitar lessons, I  now choose to teach only students who are 12 years old and over for several reasons:


  1. Physical Readiness: Younger children have smaller hands and less finger strength, which can make playing the guitar physically challenging. By age 12, students generally have better developed fine motor skills and hand strength.


  1. Cognitive Development: Cognitive abilities, including concentration, memory, and abstract thinking are better developed by the age of 12. These skills are important for understanding musical concepts and practicing effectively.


  1. Attention Span: Younger children have shorter attention spans, making it harder for them to engage in longer lessons or focused practice sessions. Older students are usually more capable of sustained attention and can handle the structure of a typical guitar lesson better.


  1. Emotional Maturity: Older students are generally more motivated and committed to practicing regularly. They are more mature which can help them handle the frustration and challenges of learning an instrument. 


  1. Interest and Motivation: By age 12, students often have a clearer idea of their musical interests and are more likely to be genuinely interested in learning the guitar. This intrinsic motivation can lead to better progress and a more enjoyable teaching experience.


  1. Learning Efficiency: Teachers can cover material more efficiently and progress through the curriculum at a faster pace with older students which is more rewarding for both student and teacher.


  1. Communication Skills: Older children typically have better communication skills, allowing for more effective interaction between teacher and student. They can ask questions and understand explanations more clearly.


Teaching Hours


Teaching hours are as follows, other times may be available on request. Please note, slots between 4-8pm are peak time and get very popular.


Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday: 2pm-10pm

Thursday: 1pm -7pm

Friday 1pm-7pm


  • £36 per hour
  • £18 per half hour
  • £140 for 10 weekly 30 min lessons, paid in advance
  • £280 for 10 weekly 60 min lessons, paid in advance



We offer the Trinity Rock and Pop & RGT rock guitar grades which are affiliate with the London College of Music. We have 100% pass rate, with most students achieving distinction or a merit. For more information on grades, please see the RGT website.

Terms and Conditions


The discounted rate of £120 for 10 x 30, £120 for 5 x 60 minute lessons or £240 for 10 x 60 minute lessons is only availabe for lessons that are booked consecutively and paid for in advance. If a pupil cannot make a lesson in the 10 week block, alternative lesson times within the booking period will always offered.


Lesson Prices:

Weekly Discounted Lesson Deals:

£140: 10 x 30 min lessons

£140: 5 x 60 min lessons

£280: 10 x 60 min lessons


One off lessons:

£36 per hour

£18 per half hour


Gift vouchers also available

Contact us:

If you would like to find out more, or would like to book a lesson, please contact me at:

T: 01235 526301

M: 07890 089497

E: matt@ox14.com



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